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Chenzhou environmental liujia farmhouse is located in the northeast of chenzhou city xing city territory,Environmental mountains in a beautiful feminine、The charm in a body of water,Carry austral thorn、The great historical civilization as a whole,Is known as“The sky a lake in the world,Myriad images in it”。Within the territory of main landscape:Fog diffuse XiaoDongJiang、Dongjiang dam、Long Jing canyons、The rate of resentments、Dongjiang river rafting、Openning water·Environmental culture tourist street(Including environmental stone pavilion、Photography art museum、The humanities xiaoxiang pavilion),And archaize houseboat、Luxury yacht trip on the lake and water jump、Jet skis, etc。

Environmental liujia farmhouse9Rooms、21A bed,Can accommodate50Many diners。Air conditioning、The independent toilet、WIFI、Digital TV、Chess &cards room, etc。It is people drive a good place for leisure。

The lius contact phone number000000-00-0-0-0-08175539369/15386359822(Saying)

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