Product solutions

Intelligent storage system

Automatic warehouse system(AS/RS-Automated storage and retrieval system)Is put in storage and...

Big data analysis

Ultra high speed data processing、The large capacity storage、Good extensibility,In the true sense of the hybrid database management system...

Cross-border logistics platform

Through the sensor、RFIDThe label、Brake、GPSAnd other equipment and systems to generate real-time information,Will the Internet of things、A sensor network...

Cross-border electric business platform

For electricity companies、Brand electric business enterprises,Provide information integration services,Greatly broaden the path you enter the international market...

The old man

To protect yourself2aa000Increased sharply since the city, The physical and mental health of rural old people who live alone,We have developed the old platform...

International trade integration platform

Based on the current the most advanced Internet of things、Cloud computing technology, etc,Implement the international trade business and technology the perfect combination of wisdom...

Business areas

Software research and development、Globalization and localization、Software integration solutions、Application development and maintenance、Quality assurance and testing

Project operation

Operation process

Data analysis->Business location->The target user->Behavioral model->Established rules...

Operational implementation team

Development lead -> Auxiliary operations -> Precision marketing...

Comprehensive operation system

Customer service support -> Technical support -> The operating organization -> Marketing organization...

Industry layout

ASP(Application Service Provider)

Generation of car service

Children comfortable home services

Old people who live alone to look after the service

Video control service

International logistics

Based on the whole logistics process、Part of the building

Support effective connection interface with existing systems

Support logistics features of optimization

South KoreaNEIGHBOR SYSTEMTechnical links

The traffic&MobileThe solution

U-HealthcareThe solution

GISThe solution

The custom typeSI

To customer demand as the center of planning and design

The application of mature development methodology

Ensure the efficiency of the system development、Stability

Cross-border electrical contractor

Based on theO2OCross-border electricity system building

Add custom functions

Cooperation of colleges and universities