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      • YSK12aa000A
      • 25V
      • FM300A-2
      • BPH-AC000000-00-0-0-0-aa000060
      • SFM50A-2
      • SFM200A-2
      • YSK3aa00006B
      • A compressor
      • DC95
      • 3130061
      • YSK-20J-6
      • 3aa0007aa0000B
      • YDK-70B-4

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             Yinhe source and motor co., LTDIs a registered professional motor manufacturing plant in China。The existing staff1000More than one,Engineering technicians account for10%,With ventilation、Spacious、Bright、Graceful modern workshop4.5Million square meters; Is the guangdong provincial……

      The ground The address:Guangdong yinhe flat road town of civilization8aa00082Number 
      The electricity Words:+8aa00075aa0008880698 8888364
      Pass The true:+8aa00075aa0008888395 8418395 
      Mail Box: